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Tartare & Carpaccio: Luxurious Dishes You Need To Try

Tartare & Carpaccio: Luxurious Dishes You Need To Try

Eating raw meat can be a little intimidating for many people. While most of us have eaten sushi or sashimi, it feels more taboo to eat red meat without cooking it first. Just like eating raw fish, you want meat that’s used for tartare or carpaccio to be of impeccable quality and sourcing. Our tenderloin filets are perfect for making both of these dishes, and we highly recommend trying them out if you’ve never tasted these delicacies before. This meat has incredible flavor and texture, and is the perfect choice to impress guests or celebrate a special evening.

Tartare & Carpaccio Luxurious Dishes You Need To Try - Beck & Bulow

The modern practice of eating raw meat is thought to have originated in Germany. It could be served either chopped or as raw ground meat on toast. This preparation was often accompanied by a raw egg. When European settlers came to America, they brought their culinary customs with them. It’s uncertain when this menu item first became popular in restaurants. In modern times, raw meat dishes have experienced a decrease in popularity except for in the fanciest of dining establishments. This is due to health concerns over the contamination of raw meat that can occur when it is produced in mass quantities. Order quality meat online from Beck & Bulow and experience the joy of cooking with the best ingredients on the market.

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Meat originating from factory farms is highly likely to be contaminated. These huge operations have such a prevalence of crowding and unsanitary conditions that there’s a high probability for bacteria to get introduced to the meat. Our meat comes from local butchers who work by hand on one animal at a time in small facilities. It’s not uncommon for five people to work on one animal at a time. So much care and attention is taken during this process that impeccable quality standards are constantly maintained.

Tartare & Carpaccio Luxurious Dishes You Need To Try - Beck & Bulow

Also, all of our meat is USDA inspected and certified. We would be comfortable eating any cut of our meat completely raw. However, tenderloin is the best choice for these dishes to produce the ultimate taste and texture. Fat marbling makes steaks flavorful and juicy when they’re cooked, but isn’t quite so desirable for eating raw. Filet is lean and tender, so it’s our top pick when we prepare tartare or carpaccio. Order from the best online meat market and enjoy confidence in the food you prepare for yourself and your family.

Steak tartare is typically raw meat that has been chopped and mixed with a binding agent, like dijon mustard or mayonnaise. Herbs and seasonings such as chopped onion or shallot are sometimes added. Tartare is often served with a raw egg on top. Carpaccio is an Italian preparation of filet mignon that has been chilled and then sliced or pounded very thin. It’s often drizzled with oil or lemon juice and topped with capers and onions. This dish is named after the Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio, known for his characteristic use of contrast between red and white. With Beck & Bulow, it’s simple to have premium meat delivered straight to your door.

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If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying one of these dishes yet, you’re likely wondering what raw red meat tastes like. For one thing, it’s probably not as bloody as you’re imagining. The texture is a lot like sashimi, and you won’t experience blood oozing out when you consume meat prepared this way. Especially because premium cuts are often used when making tartare or carpaccio, you’ll find that this meat is bursting with flavor. The traditional seasonings and accompaniments only serve to further enhance the taste, making for a truly delicious experience.

Tartare & Carpaccio Luxurious Dishes You Need To Try - Beck & Bulow

Many people who love to consume raw meat believe that it provides benefits like increased energy, sex drive and improved physical endurance. Contrary to what your first thoughts might be about eating a lot of food that doesn’t contain any fiber, many people also experience improved digestion. Raw meat is actually much more easily digested than cooked meat. There are also certain enzymes present in raw meat that are killed off when the meat is cooked. Some water soluble nutrients like vitamins B and C are lost during the cooking process. Vitamin C and B6 are also heat sensitive, making them particularly susceptible to loss when you cook your meat. Order from the best meat delivery service and enjoy all of the taste and health benefits of our impeccably sourced products.

Beck & Bulow – Bison Tartare

(Serves 4)

Finely Chop:
Whisk together:
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 8 sprigs parsley, finely chopped
  • 1 shallot, minced
  • ½ teaspoon anchovy paste
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon salt (or more to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper (or more to taste)