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Father’s Day Burgers: High Quality Meat For Your Loved Ones

Father’s Day Burgers: High Quality Meat For Your Loved Ones

In just a couple short weeks, it’ll be time for Father’s Day barbecue dinners. We all know that dads everywhere love high quality meat, and Beck & Bulow offers nothing but the best for that special guy in your life. When you order our meat for Father’s Day, you’ll not only be honoring the father figure in your life with exceptional taste and quality, but providing him with the valuable health benefits our meats offer for vigor and longevity.

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Father’s Day Burgers: High Quality Meat For Your Loved Ones - Beck & Bulow

High Quality Meat Makes Delicious Burgers

All of our bison, elk, lamb and wild boar meat is raised essentially wild, free-roaming in nature with very little handling. When animals live the way nature intended, they eat naturally varied diets, grazing and foraging plants that are rich with vitamin D from the sun. They enjoy free-range of the land and do as exactly as they please, living in contentment and free of stress. These animals are strong, healthy and robust with that special quality that only nature can produce.

Compared with domesticated animals raised in factory farming environments, it’s easy to see why our meat has so much to offer health-wise. Domestic cattle and pigs live in fear and are kept in stagnant, filthy living conditions. The animals are crowded together indoors without fresh air, sunlight and room to roam.

They’re fed grain-based diets and pumped full of antibiotics, hormones and other chemicals. These farming practices are terrible for the environment, extremely inhumane for the animals and toxic for the health of those that consume these meats. When it comes to choosing meat for your family this Father’s Day, it’s easy to see why ordering from Beck & Bulow is the right choice.

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Order Fresh Ground Meat For Delivery

Burgers are one of the most universally loved, easy and satisfying Father’s Day menu items. However, when it comes to burgers made from beef, there are many health drawbacks. Lucky for Dad, we’ve got a variety of heart-healthy ground meats that make unbelievable burgers. You can show how much you love him while loving his heart, too - and without sacrificing flavor.

Our ground bison, elk, lamb and wild boar are bursting with flavor and boast impressive nutritional profiles with significantly less fat than beef. What’s more, our best selling wild boar bacon is a great health-conscious addition to take burgers to the next level. It has less fat and more protein than conventional bacon, and a complex, multidimensional flavor that will really blow you away.

Father’s Day Burgers: High Quality Meat For Your Loved Ones - Beck & Bulow

Here Are Perfect BBQ Burgers For Dad on This Father's Day!

BISON -- Bison has tons of health benefits and truly outshines beef in every way imaginable. It’s higher in protein, lower in calories and contains less than half as much fat as beef. It’s mineral rich with iron, zinc and selenium and contains high amounts of vitamin B12. Bison meat is also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for preventing and treating heart disease. Bison is way more tender and flavorful than beef. It’s lighter, sweeter and all around mouth-watering.

No seasoning is required for these succulent burgers, they’re that good. Make sure to cook to medium or medium rare - even those who typically prefer meat well-done will enjoy bison cooked to these temperatures. Trust us - bison is definitely our thing. Many people tell us that our ground bison makes the best burgers they’ve ever had in their lives. These burgers will be such a hit for Father’s Day, we have a feeling they’ll become a regular part of your summer menu.

ELK -- Elk meat is extremely nutrient dense, containing high amounts of concentrated vitamins and minerals while being lean and low calorie. It’s very high in protein, at about 23 grams per three-ounce serving. This makes it a great food for weight loss, since a high protein diet will naturally decrease food consumption and boost the metabolism.

Elk contains highly beneficial amounts of zinc. This mineral strengthens immunity and neutralizes free radicals, which helps protect against many diseases including cancer. Zinc has shown in studies to possibly be effective in preventing the common cold and other corona viruses.

The Best Ground Meat Selections Straight To Your Door

It also plays an important role in the production of cytokines, which are vital proteins necessary for proper cellular function. This meat also provides the body with niacin and B vitamins especially B12 and B6. One serving of elk actually contains 100% of the daily requirement for B12, a nutrient which prevents anemia, helps brain function and lowers risk for many diseases.

Our ground elk meat grills up beautifully into tender, flavorful burgers that have so much more to offer than beef. Cook to medium rare for best results. Dad and the rest of the family will adore the primal flavor and essence of Beck & Bulow elk burgers.

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LAMB -- Lamb meat is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly so when it is pasture raised. These healthy fats are most typically found in fish. They aid in brain function, have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and improve skin health, slowing down signs of aging. Lamb meat contains 50% ounce for ounce of the omega-3’s found in tuna.

It also contains oleic acid, renowned for its heart-healthy superpowers in the Mediterranean diet. Lamb is the highest known source of a unique fat called conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. CLA provides a ton of health benefits including enhanced immune function, improving and maintaining bone density, regulating blood sugar, reducing inflammation and aiding weight loss.

Father’s Day Burgers: High Quality Meat For Your Loved Ones - Beck & Bulow

Grass-fed lamb is incredibly mineral rich and provides high amounts of zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and iron. It is one of the only foods containing high levels of the amino acid compound L-Carnosine. This compound helps to protect against heart disease, reduce inflammation and potentially slow down the aging process.

This meat is a stellar source of protein, providing from 25-30 grams per 100 grams of lamb meat. Our lamb is mild, tender and flavorful, and with the addition of a few herbs and spices you will find it easy to create some truly memorable Father’s Day burgers.

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WILD BOAR -- This meat is a great source of zinc and healthy monounsaturated fats. It also contains thiamine, riboflavin and niacin. These vitamins help our bodies to convert food into energy, boosting the metabolism, nervous system and brain function. Wild boar is very lean and much lower in cholesterol and calories than pork or beef, while containing higher levels of protein.

Our heart-healthy wild boar meat contains zero sodium, while farmed pork contains extremely high levels. Wild boar meat offers an exotic twist to burgers that fathers everywhere will love. This meat’s complex, nutty flavor comes from the naturally foraged diet of nuts, berries, roots and tubers that our wild boars consume.

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