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XL Bison Bull Skull


We have run out of stock for this item.

Also known as the North American Bison and Tatanka, the buffalo is the most honored animal in Native American tribes within North America. The magnificent creature provided food, clothing, shelter, tools, and medicine for the peoples. With its gigantic frame, the buffalo can transfix anyone merely by its presence. It symbolizes abundance, provision, strength, stability, and prosperity.

Sure, seeing the skull or hide of an animal mounted on a wall may suggest you’re in a hunter’s lair. For an animal lover, this may seem appalling, but what most outsiders don’t know is it roots from centuries old traditions. And what’s fascinating about early cultures is that they’re more in tune with the natural wonders of the world. Indigenous tribes from different nations are more connected to Earth and that’s what we’re catching up on after the boom of global warming and singularity.

Since they work together with nature or in the truest sense – one with, they are bound to all living things. So even if they hunt animals for food, clothing, and ritual purposes, they see it as energy sharing and such creatures don’t transcend without being highly appreciated.

Bison skulls are gigantic and incredibly unique. Each one has many years of stories to share. The horns on the buffalo may vary. Some have more slender, full length horns of the younger bull likely sported while others heavyset, deeply grooved and blunted, tell of heavy fought battles both won and lost. A bison skull embodies the raw, rugged fortitude of the American spirit, living life to the fullest. No regrets.

We select only the finest skulls for cleaning from what we harvest throughout the year. These massive bulls are taken behind the ear to avoid face-plate breakage. These skulls are amazing and you won't find a more rare, unique, professionally finished product for your special place.

Our skulls are custom prepared for each order. There may be waiting times associated with your order if we are out of stock at the moment. Please contact us with any questions.