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How To Cook Delicious Steak Using Only An Instant Pot

How To Cook Delicious Steak Using Only An Instant Pot

If you’re living in a studio without a full kitchen, a dorm room, or any other place where you don’t have access to a stove-top, not to worry - you can still cook delicious steaks. All you need is an Instant Pot. If you don’t already have one, you’ve probably heard about this gadget’s indispensable usefulness in the kitchen. You can cook just about anything in one, and all that’s required is a power outlet. For the best place to buy steaks online, look no further than Beck & Bulow.

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How To Cook Delicious Steak Using Only An Instant Pot - Beck & Bulow

Beck & Bulow: Your Quality Meat Delivery Service

Although it might not be our top recommended method for cooking steaks, it’s possible to have awesome results if you make appropriate adjustments for the cut of meat you’re cooking. Another great feature of the Instant Pot is that you can cook a side item in the same pot, at the same time as you’re cooking the main course. Check out our great selections of the best steaks you can buy online.

The process is extremely simple, easy and fast. To start, simply pat the steak dry with paper towels and season generously with salt and pepper. Set the instant pot to the saute function and add in some grass fed butter or Beck & Bulow tallow. When it’s hot, sear the steak on each side - you’ll have to adjust the amount of time for searing depending on the size and cut of the steak you’re cooking. We offer the best online steaks for delivery straight to your doorstep.

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How To Cook Delicious Steak Using Only An Instant Pot - Beck & Bulow

100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef For Delivery

Our bison and elk steaks cook very quickly, and may need only about 60 seconds on each side for a rare steak. If you want the meat cooked more after searing, you can put the steak on the trivet and use the pressure cooking function. We recommend cooking our steaks to no more than medium rare for optimal flavor and tenderness. Add a ½ cup of bone broth or salted water to the bottom of the pot. If you’re cooking potatoes or other vegetables as a side, this would be the time to add them.

Start with just 1-2 minutes on the high pressure setting and then do natural release for 2-3 minutes. If the potatoes or vegetables need to be cooked more, remove the steak and let it rest while you pressure cook again for 1-2 minutes. You may need to add more liquid to the pot at this point. Order online from the best steak delivery company and experience the Beck & Bulow difference.

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Meat From Local Butcher Shops Delivered Straight To Your Door

Another great way to cook steak in the Instant Pot is by making garlic butter steak bites. You can start out with 2 pounds of New York strip steaks. We offer this delicious cut from both our pasture raised bison and 100% grass fed & finished beef. To make this easy and delicious dinner, use the saute function and allow the pot to get hot for about five minutes.

While it’s heating up, cut the steaks into 1 inch cubes and pat dry with paper towels. This will allow them to get nice and brown when they sear. Season with sea salt or other good quality salt.

How To Cook Delicious Steak Using Only An Instant Pot - Beck & Bulow

Beck & Bulow: The Best Place To Buy Meat Online

Next, add two tablespoons of Beck & Bulow tallow or grass fed butter to the Instant Pot. After it melts, add the steak cubes in batches and let them brown for about a minute on each side, flipping once. Add more butter or tallow to the pot as needed. As the steak pieces finish cooking, transfer them to a plate and set aside. Add ¾ cup of bison or beef bone broth to the pot and use a wooden spoon to scrape up any browned bits and stir them in.

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Add in ¼ cup grass fed butter, four cloves of minced garlic, and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Put the steak pieces back into the Instant Pot, and set to high pressure for 6-7 minutes. Make sure that the lid is locked and the pressure valve is sealed. When they’re done, set to natural release for five minutes to release the pressure. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley to serve.

At Beck & Bulow, we’re passionate about supplying quality meat for our customers. Whether you’re looking for grass fed beef, elk, bison, wild boar, lamb or chicken, we’re confident you’re going to love our offerings. Our meat is carefully sourced from start to finish, hand cut by local butchers and packaged by hand. Your meat will arrive incredibly fresh in a reusable cooler with dry ice. We’re excited for you to taste and feel the difference when you try our products.