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Wild Caught Cape Cod Sea Scallops: Our Latest Offering

Wild Caught Cape Cod Sea Scallops: Our Latest Offering

Scallops might not be the first creature you think of for meaningful symbolism, but they actually have a lot of significance. This mollusk is a symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. It’s said that she was born from seafoam and was carried in the shell of a scallop all the way to the shores of Cyprus.

They’re considered symbols of femininity, salvation and pilgrimage. It’s thought that the association with pilgrimage may come from travelers using the shells to drink water from rivers and streams.

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Wild Caught Cape Cod Sea Scallops: Our Latest Offering - Beck & Bulow

A Legendary Aphrodisiac From The Sea

Scallops are said to be a potent aphrodisiac, according to ancient folklore. This might not come as a surprise considering that Aphrodite is a goddess of sex and sensuality. The term itself is derived from her name. Shellfish are known across many ancient cultures to represent the female vulva. It’s easy to see how the soft, voluptuous texture of the scallop would remind people of other sensual pleasures.

However, it seems like there could be some scientific basis for these claims. Scallops are high in minerals like zinc and other compounds that assist in raising levels of sex hormones for both men and women. Regular consumption can help to restore as well as continually enhance sexual function.

Uniquely Fresh & Delicious

These Cape Cod scallops have a uniquely sweet and light flavor from the extremely cold sea water they live in. They are shucked at sea immediately upon being caught and are the largest scallops you can get. They’re perfect for any dish or preparation and are a beautiful light beige in color. Scallops are sought after for their delicate taste and texture, considered by many to be one of the ultimate luxuries in seafood.

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Uniquely Fresh & Delicious Wild Caught Cape Cod Sea Scallops - Beck & Bulow

Scallops have an abductor muscle, but they don’t use it for the purpose of filtering water the way that clams and mussels do. For this reason they’re one of the cleanest varieties of shellfish. They’re also unique from mussels and clams because of their ability to swim freely. They can rapidly open and close their shells to propel themselves through the water.

Do Scallops Count As Vegan?

Along with other shellfish in the bivalve family, some argue that scallops are appropriate for vegans to eat because of their environmental sustainability and the fact that they lack central nervous systems. They’re also very high in vitamin B12, which vegans and vegetarians ordinarily have to supplement to avoid deficiency. Their shells are fan shaped with ridges, and are the quintessential sea shell that most people think of. The Shell oil company logo is based on the scallop shell.

There’s two varieties of scallops, sea scallops and bay scallops. Sea scallops are around three times larger than the bay variety. There is a system of size classification for scallops that indicates how many are needed to make a pound. Ours are U/10, indicating that ten or less are required for a one pound weight. They are incredibly versatile and easy to cook.

For large scallops like these, searing is typically one of the easiest and tastiest options. They have a rich, buttery, slightly sweet and oceany flavor that is complex and elegant.

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Abundant Nutritional Benefits

These shellfish have been proven to be a cardiovascular health boosting food. Consuming them regularly helps to keep cholesterol levels in check and protect the heart from stress. Scallops are also great for weight loss with their extremely low fat and calorie content.

They’re an incredibly lean source of protein which composes 42% of their composition. They contain tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They also contain the perfect amount of sodium to be helpful for regulating both high and low blood pressure.

Abundant Nutritional Benefits Wild Caught Cape Cod Sea Scallops - Beck & Bulow

The minerals and antioxidants in scallops have been shown to be particularly effective in preventing strokes. Studies have shown a reduced risk of 31% when they are consumed regularly. They reduce the risk of clotting, improve circulation and keep your brain full of healthy blood. They’re a great source of iron which helps to increase oxygenation throughout the entire body. They even help to balance hormones and can be useful for low testosterone and thyroid issues.

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We’re excited to offer these delicious scallops, along with salmon to satisfy the many requests we’ve received to carry seafood. As always, we’re committed to quality, ethical sourcing and the most outstanding flavor. If you’re in the market for some meat that comes from the land, check out our selections of bison, elk, wild boar, lamb, grass fed beef and chicken. All of our products are packaged by hand in our Santa Fe warehouse and delivered straight to your door, in a reusable cooler with dry ice for optimal freshness.