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Recipe: How To Pan Sear Sea Scallops To Perfection

Recipe: How To Pan Sear Sea Scallops To Perfection

Scallops can be intimidating to cook at first, but they’re actually quite simple. When pan-seared to form a golden brown, buttery crust, they’re effortlessly delicious and succulent. Our scallops are large, decadent Cape Cod sea scallops that are outstanding in flavor and delicate in texture. Their light, sea brined sweetness will delight the senses. They’re one of my absolute favorite varieties of seafood and I’ve prepared them for every occasion from a casual night in with my roommate to special birthday dinners.

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Recipe: How To Pan Sear Sea Scallops To Perfection - Beck & Bulow

A Luxurious And Flavorful Meal

These Cape Cod scallops have a uniquely sweet and light flavor from the extremely cold sea water they live in. They are shucked at sea immediately upon being caught and are some of the largest scallops you can get. They’re perfect for any dish or preparation and are a beautiful light beige in color. Scallops are sought after for their elegant taste and texture, considered by many to be one of the ultimate luxuries in seafood.

The Key To Scallops Is Timing

The key to preparing scallops perfectly every time is to understand how fast they cook. When these succulent shellfish are overdone, their incredible flavor and texture is ruined. It’s also important to serve them immediately after cooking. Everything else for the meal should be finished and assembled, with the scallops cooked last so they can be put on a plate and served right away. As long as you keep these things in mind, scallops are one of the easiest and most delectable meals you can prepare at home.

Pair With Something Light And Fresh

There’s plenty of options for items to pair with scallops as the protein for a meal. Pasta, salads, sautéed vegetables, or a grain like couscous are all great accompaniments. Since they have such light and delicate flavor, scallops are best served with items that won’t overpower them. For instance, pasta topped with olive oil and lemon juice rather than a heavy alfredo sauce. They’re great with citrus and light, fresh herbs like cilantro or fennel.

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Pan Sear Sea Scallops - A Luxurious And Flavorful Meal - Beck & Bulow


(Serves 4)

  • 1.5 pounds wild caught Cape Cod sea scallops
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
  • Butter, ghee or avocado oil


  1. Once everything else for your meal is prepared and ready to serve (keep it warm if necessary), remove any muscle tissue on the sides of the scallops. These are the pieces that once connected the meaty part of the scallop to the shell. Although they’re perfectly safe to eat, they have a chewy texture that is better to remove. You’ll be able to tell because these side pieces will feel tougher than the rest of the scallop when raw. Simply pinch and pull these bits off with your fingers.
  2. Gently pat the scallops dry using paper towels. Use salt and pepper to season generously on all sides.
  3. Place a large skillet over medium-high heat on the stove and add in the ghee, butter or avocado oil. To test and see if the pan is hot enough, flick a little water off your fingers into the oil. If it instantly evaporates, it’s ready for the scallops.
  4. Add the scallops to the pan. Make sure they’re in a single layer so that each scallop gets a good sear. They should be spaced about an inch apart for optimal cooking. If necessary, you’ll want to work in batches rather than crowding the scallops. If your pan is properly heated, the first scallop should sizzle on contact.
  5. Sear for two to three minutes. They should have a beautiful golden brown crust when finished. Let them cook undisturbed for best results. You’ll know there’s a good sear when the scallops release easily from the pan to flip. Don’t overcook!
  6. After flipping, cook on the other side for another two to three minutes. You’ll know they’re done when both sides have that mouthwatering golden brown crust, and the sides of the scallop are opaque in appearance all the way through. Avoid overcooking at all costs, or they will become tough. The finished scallops should feel firm to the touch, yet slightly yielding and soft.
  7. Immediately transfer the cooked scallops to plates. Serve and enjoy right away while they’re warm and fresh.

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Quality Seafood To Pair With Something Light And Fresh - Sea Scallops - Beck & Bulow

We’re Excited To Now Offer Quality Seafood

We’re excited to offer these delicious scallops, along with salmon to satisfy the many requests we’ve received to carry seafood. As always, we’re committed to quality, ethical sourcing and the most outstanding flavor. If you’re in the market for some meat that comes from the land, check out our selections of bison, elk, wild boar, lamb, grass fed beef and chicken. All of our products are packaged by hand in our Santa Fe warehouse and delivered straight to your door, in a reusable cooler with dry ice for optimal freshness.