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Top 4 Reasons To Enjoy More Delicious Buffalo Jerky

Top 4 Reasons To Enjoy More Delicious Buffalo Jerky

Jerky is everywhere. You see it in every gas station convenience store, while grocery shopping, and even in sporting goods stores. It’s easy to understand why it has such widespread popularity, although the quality of most jerky I see for sale is lacking to say the least. Our buffalo jerky is the best out there, and here’s a few of the many reasons to enjoy more of it.

1. Jerky Has Withstood The Test Of Time

This dried meat preparation spanned the globe in ancient times, with evidence of its use throughout Africa, Rome, and many other places. The word “jerky” actually has its roots in South America, and evolved from the Quechua word ch’arki. This Amazonian tribe developed a method to preserve the meat of llamas and alpaca. They cut meat into strips which was pounded thin and generously salted. It could then be sun-dried or smoked over a fire.

Top 4 Reasons To Enjoy More Delicious Buffalo Jerky - Beck & Bulow

The evolution of the word jerky is largely thanks to the Spanish Conquistadors. When they came in contact with the Quechua, they adopted this name and put it into written form as “charqui”. When the Spanish moved on into North America, they came in contact with Native Americans who had similar methods of preserving meat. They continued to refer to this dried meat as charqui, and before long native peoples began to use this term. However, when the word was pronounced with a native accent, it came out sounding like “jerky”. Thus, jerky as we know it was born.

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2. It’s Nature’s Original Protein Bar

Jerky is nature’s original protein bar. Go to any grocery store and most options will be full of a vast array of mysterious ingredients. The more ingredients something has, the more difficult it is to digest. There are so many protein bars out there nowadays that are made to look healthy on the packaging, but are actually highly processed and contain lots of harmful substances. Not to mention, the protein they contain is in the form of powders made in labs.

Top 4 Reasons To Enjoy More Delicious Buffalo Jerky - Beck & Bulow

Human bodies are designed to consume simple, whole foods that come straight from nature. Nutrients are highly bioavailable in this form, meaning our bodies absorb them the most efficiently. Protein has a plethora of health benefits, which isn’t surprising when you consider it’s the second most prominent component of tissues in our body next to water. It’s essential for brain function because it enables communication between neurons. And of course, if you’re trying to build muscle, it’s going to be very high on your priority list.

3. It’s Delightfully Portable

Since ancient times, jerky was prized for being easy to transport and carry along on journeys. Native American hunters often carried it on excursions as a portable source of energy that would stay good for the entirety of their journey. Nowadays, it’s great for backpacking, hiking, road trips, or just tossing in your purse or backpack for whenever you might need a quick energy boost. It’s nature’s way of providing us with all of the nutrients our bodies need from meat when we aren’t able to take it along in other forms due to perishability and messiness.

Top 4 Reasons To Enjoy More Delicious Buffalo Jerky - Beck & Bulow

In fact, there’s not many other foods I can think of that fit the bill in the same ways that jerky does. The only comparable thing would probably be dried fruits or nuts, which are great to have but don’t contain the same nutrient profile. I’m always relieved to have some jerky in my bag when I’m out and about and hunger strikes.

4. It’s Absolutely Delicious

Okay, this one might seem obvious. But it’s so true that I had no choice but to include it on this list. Our buffalo jerky is so tasty, we received a report of a customer’s son eating an entire case in one day. Kids beg for it - our CEO’s 9 year old daughter has been known to use money from her allowance to add to her jerky stash. We constantly hear, “This is the best jerky I’ve ever had.”

Top 4 Reasons To Enjoy More Delicious Buffalo Jerky - Beck & Bulow

The reason for this is the quality of the meat that’s used. For one, our bison meat already tastes awesome. The jerky that you can get at most grocery stores is an assortment of pieces of meat (often pieces that won’t be used any other way) ground up and pressed together to make a jerky stick. Ours is whole pieces of muscle meat - you can see the difference clearly if you compare ours with another brand. Perfectly seasoned and outstanding in quality, our buffalo jerky has truly amazing flavor.