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Marinated Alaskan Sablefish (6 oz)


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Savor the exceptional delight of our wild-caught Marinated Alaskan Sablefish, weighing approximately 6 ounces. These fillets come pre-marinated, offering an unforgettable flavor experience. Also referred to as butterfish or black cod, these fish boast a remarkable oil content that imparts a silky consistency and an incredible flavor often likened to Chilean Sea Bass. Once you experience its richness, you'll understand why it's called butterfish. It comes as no surprise that this seafood gem is a customer and team favorite.

Cooking: Achieve perfection by cooking this fish until well done, or until it begins to flake. Even if you tend to overcook fish, rest assured that Alaskan Sablefish is a foolproof choice, even for the most novice cook. Whether you choose to grill, pan sear, or bake it, this fish delivers. Enjoy it on its own or as a delectable addition to a salad. Moreover, the Sablefish is highly sought after for smoking, further enhancing its versatility.

Nutrition Information: Indulge guilt-free in this luscious fish, as it is rich in healthy fats, particularly omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. These essential fatty acids contribute to optimal brain function, respiratory health, and heart health. Additionally, Sablefish serves as an excellent source of protein and selenium. Not only is it irresistibly delicious, but it also offers exceptional nutritional value.

Fishing Practices: Our Alaskan Sablefish is 100% wild and harvested from natural habitats. Flourishing in pristine and cold waters, this wild-caught delicacy presents a much more sustainable choice compared to Chilean Sea Bass. By selecting Alaskan Sablefish, you not only indulge in its exquisite flavors but also contribute to the preservation of our precious marine ecosystems.

Embrace the culinary pleasure and wellness benefits offered by our Marinated Alaskan Sablefish. With its delectable taste, versatile cooking options, and abundant nutritional value, it stands as a testament to both culinary artistry and sustainable fishing practices. Elevate your dining experience with this extraordinary fish, knowing that you are making a responsible choice for both your palate and the environment.