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Holiday Smoked Ham - Kurobuta Pork


We have run out of stock for this item.

Physical Description: Indulge in the savory allure of our Hickory-Smoked Berkshire Ham. Hand-rubbed with an exclusive blend of all-natural spices, these hams boast a tantalizing aroma and a visually stunning presentation. The result of a generations-old English smoking method with natural hardwood imparts a distinct flavor, making them a centerpiece of culinary artistry. Choose from one of the three options available.

Cooking Information: Experience culinary mastery with our Hickory-Smoked Berkshire Ham. Whether roasted, glazed, or incorporated into your favorite recipes, these hams offer versatility in the kitchen. Achieve perfection with cooking recommendations that bring out the rich, smoky essence, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for any occasion. Our hams arrive fully cooked and ready to be heated for any easy dining experience. 

Ingredients / Nutrition: Our commitment to quality is evident in the ingredients used in our Hickory-Smoked Berkshire Ham. Crafted with care, these hams feature an exquisite combination of all-natural spices. Delight in the rich taste while being mindful of the nutritional value, as each ham is a source of premium Berkshire pork, offering a wholesome and indulgent dining experience. Our hams are free from nitrates and preservatives. 

Farming Practices: At Beck and Bulow, we take pride in our sustainable farming practices. Our Heritage Berkshire hams are a testament to our commitment to ethical and responsible agriculture. Raised with care and respect, these hams reflect our dedication to providing you with a premium product that aligns with our values of quality, sustainability, and humane farming practices.