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Holiday Tenderloin - Bison


Physical Description: Celebrate the holidays with the exceptional flavor of Beck & Bulow's Bison Tenderloin Primal, available in three enticing options: Whole Untrimmed, Whole Trimmed, and Trimmed Center Cut. The Whole Untrimmed primal showcases the full splendor of this premium bison cut, while the Whole Trimmed version offers convenience without compromising quality. For those seeking perfection in every slice, the Trimmed Center Cut presents a meticulously crafted centerpiece. Each option boasts the natural leanness and tenderness inherent to our high-quality bison, promising a holiday dining experience that exceeds expectations. The Bison Tenderloin Primal is a culinary masterpiece, poised to be the highlight of your festive gatherings.

Nutrition Information: Indulge in the Bison Tenderloin Primal with the assurance of a health-conscious choice. Packed with protein and essential nutrients, our bison tenderloin is a nutritious addition to your holiday menu. With minimal fat content and a commitment to no added hormones or antibiotics, revel in the robust flavor of this premium bison while making a wholesome choice for your loved ones. Enjoy the holiday feasting experience without compromising on health and well-being.

Cooking Tips: Perfecting your holiday feast with our Bison Tenderloin Primal is effortless with the right techniques. For the Whole Untrimmed and Whole Trimmed options, consider slow-roasting to preserve the natural juices and enhance tenderness. The Trimmed Center Cut, already expertly crafted, lends itself beautifully to quick searing or grilling for an exquisite crust and succulent interior. Resting the bison meat after cooking is essential to seal in the flavors. Elevate your holiday cooking with these tips and create a memorable dining experience with the exceptional taste of bison.

Farming Practices: Beck & Bulow takes pride in sourcing bison from ranches that uphold the highest standards of ethical farming practices. Our bison roam freely on open pastures, enjoying a natural and stress-free environment. Free from added hormones and antibiotics, our commitment to ethical and sustainable farming ensures that the Bison Tenderloin Primal not only delights your palate but also aligns with our values of quality, transparency, and environmental stewardship. Choose our bison with confidence, knowing it represents the pinnacle of premium quality and responsible agriculture.