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Exciting News About Wild Alaskan Seafood From Kodiak Island

Exciting News About Wild Alaskan Seafood From Kodiak Island

We are so excited to announce that we have acquired our own facilities on Kodiak Island. This means that our wild caught Alaskan seafood will be completely vertically integrated. All the way from when the fish are caught to when they arrive for purchase in our store or online. Many customers ask if Beck & Bulow is a chain with multiple locations. Up until now, the only location has been in Santa Fe, New Mexico where our company originated just four years ago. Now we are proud to say that there is a second location in Alaska, focused on sustainable seafood production.

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Exciting News About Wild Alaskan Seafood From Kodiak Island - Beck & Bulow

All of our seafood is wild and ocean caught in the pristine, ice-cold waters of the Gulf of Alaska or the Bering Sea. Much of the wild caught salmon you see on the market is actually caught in freshwater, meaning that the fish have begun the process of spawning. This is less than desirable for salmon and for that reason ours is always ocean caught at the prime of their lifespan for consumption as delicious, high quality seafood. Farmed fish isn’t something we’re interested in participating in, or eating. Wild caught Alaskan seafood is a naturally abundant resource and with sustainable fishing practices, there is no concern over supplies running out or becoming overfished. This allows us to provide a reliable supply of online wild seafood.

Exciting News About Wild Alaskan Seafood From Kodiak Island - Beck & Bulow

We work only with sustainable fisheries (most are small fishing vessels) that care about quality. We are willing to pay a premium to our fishermen when we know that we are getting the best seafood that is caught in the most responsible way. Good relationships with our fishermen are a priority and we know exactly where our seafood comes from and who it’s caught by when it arrives on the docks to our processing facilities. There are absolutely no additives or preservatives added to any of our fish - sadly, a common practice in the seafood industry. Smoking brines contain only natural ingredients and all frozen fillets are simply rinsed in fresh water and packaged immediately afterwards.

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Exciting News About Wild Alaskan Seafood From Kodiak Island - Beck & Bulow

We started carrying wild caught Alaskan seafood about a year ago, through a fortuitous connection with co-founder JP Bulow’s brother-in-law. This direct connection allowed us to carry seafood from fishermen we know by name, straight from the pristine ocean waters off the coast of Kodiak Island. When the opportunity arose for us to purchase our own facilities on the island, it was clear that this was an exciting step for Beck & Bulow to make. This development means that each step of the process is vertically integrated, which means a direct and reliable seafood supply chain for our customers. Our Alaskan seafood delivery makes this accessible for customers nationwide.

Exciting News About Wild Alaskan Seafood From Kodiak Island - Beck & Bulow

The expansion involves a 7500 square foot production facility including cold storage and full processing capabilities. The size of the new facilities will enable Beck & Bulow to provide sustainable seafood at a much larger scale than ever before. All of the seafood they carry is naturally abundant and sustainably fished, a truly renewable resource. Kodiak has long been known for its incredible diversity of Alaskan fish, located in the first island of the Aleutian chain of islands. It’s an exciting prospect for New Mexicans to have access to this caliber and selection of fish. And for everyone outside of New Mexico, our online wild seafood is available for nationwide delivery.

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Exciting News About Wild Alaskan Seafood From Kodiak Island - Beck & Bulow

As anyone who lives in New Mexico knows, finding excellent quality seafood can be a real challenge. Wild caught Alaskan seafood is the best there is, and we’re really excited to make it available to locals as well as our nationwide customers. Wild caught seafood is some of the most delicious and healthiest food you can eat, and our blast freezing process freezes the fish at -40 degrees Fahrenheit right on the docks, immediately after the fishing boats come to shore.

This extremely low temperature freezer combined with cryovaced (industrial vacuum sealed) packaging preserves the fish exactly the way it is when it comes off the boat - incredibly fresh and flavorful with optimal texture. The packaging is good in the refrigerator for a minimum of two weeks and in the freezer for a minimum of two years, so you can purchase fish and have it available to cook whenever the time is right.

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Exciting News About Wild Alaskan Seafood From Kodiak Island - Beck & Bulow

Kodiak, located on the southern coast of Alaska, is the largest Alaskan island and the second largest in the United States. Fishing is by far the largest industry on the island, and the waters are brimming with an abundance of incredible seafood. Halibut, salmon and crab are among the most popular species for food. Kodiak is an outdoor wonderland of lush, rugged terrain and wildlife such as the famously fearsome Kodiak grizzly bear. Much of the island is pristine, untouched wilderness - a rarity in this modern age. The waters off the coast of Kodiak are known for being stunningly clean and pure. Our Alaskan seafood delivery service makes it simple to get this incredible fish delivered straight to your door.