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Carnivore Vs Keto Vs Paleo: What’s The Difference?

Carnivore Vs Keto Vs Paleo: What’s The Difference?

There’s always new diet trends out there, and especially in this digital age there’s tons of information to digest about them. There’s a few that have caught our attention in particular because of their focus on meat. It’s important to eat quality meat regardless of your diet, but it becomes especially vital when meat makes up a significant portion of the food you eat. People report some amazing benefits from these diets, and it definitely seems that meat is a key ingredient for feeling and looking your best. Personally, I don’t follow any particular diet, but I would definitely consider trying. These diets in particular are growing fast in popularity. I see many people following them on social media and it seems like there are some wonderful results to be had. Carnivore Vs Keto Vs Paleo: What’s The Difference?

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The Keto Diet: High Fat, Low Carb

This diet was developed mainly as a treatment for epilepsy in children that has been found to be highly effective in reducing seizures. However, many people who follow a ketogenic diet are not epliptic and do so for other reported benefits. The goal of a ketogenic diet is to go into ketosis, a state in which your body burns fat for energy instead of carbs. Ketosis requires a pretty specific balance of nutrients. Little to no carbohydrates are permitted. The majority of calories should come from fat, with adequate protein intake. Many people report feeling mental clarity and improved energy levels while following keto. It’s been shown to be quite effective for weight loss, as well as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Carnivore Vs Keto Vs Paleo What’s The Difference - Beck & Bulow

I have personally tried a ketogenic diet before and can attest to the increased energy levels and mental clarity I experienced. Although I liked eating keto for a time, I found the diet required too much monitoring of macros. While I found eliminating carbohydrates to be easy enough, it was more challenging to consume enough fat and make sure that over-consumption of protein didn’t kick me out of ketosis. Certain sweeteners are allowed on keto such as monk fruit, stevia and erythritol, but without fail these always seem to give me a stomach ache. It felt easier and more natural while on keto to just avoid sweet foods altogether.

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Paleo Diet: Eat Like A Caveman, Or Cavewoman

The concept of the paleo diet is to eat like a caveman. It’s simple enough - anything that our prehistoric ancestors wouldn’t have had access to eating, you eliminate from your diet. This means eating a variety of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Anything that you could theoretically hunt or gather is fair game. Dairy products are not paleo, and neither are grains - legumes are up for debate, depending on who you ask. I’ve never tried eating paleo consistently, but I do really like the concept of it.

Carnivore Vs Keto Vs Paleo What’s The Difference - Beck & Bulow

Many people who follow a paleo diet report benefits like increased energy levels, better sleep and leaner muscles. Since most practitioners rely heavily on meat, the increased protein often results in a more toned physique. I love the idea of paleo and would love to try eating this way more consistently and see how I feel. It aligns with the Beck & Bulow philosophy, which is to eat meat the way our ancestors did. There’s no doubt about it, processed foods have led to a lot of health issues for humans. I love the way this diet goes back to the basics of what we were designed by nature to eat.

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Carnivore Diet: Meat, Meat & More Meat

When I first heard about this diet, I was fascinated. It goes against pretty much everything we’ve ever been taught about eating food. To eat only meat?! It sounds crazy, and also very intriguing. It seems that people who follow paleo or keto first are usually the ones who end up trying out carnivore, and for various reasons. Many claim that they experience miraculous relief from autoimmune disorders and other health issues, as well as weight loss, as a result of eating only meat.

Carnivore Vs Keto Vs Paleo What’s The Difference - Beck & Bulow

The carnivore diet is exactly what it sounds like. You only eat foods that were once living animals of some sort (including seafood), although eggs are permissible according to some. There are absolutely no plant based foods consumed on this diet. As much as I love eating meat, I can’t help but imagine that it would be a tough transition to eliminating all other foods from my diet. However, practitioners claim that it’s all a matter of eating enough meat. Many people find that cravings are curbed when a sufficient amount of meat is consumed. No sweet tasting foods are permitted.