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Top 4 Reasons Why Raw Bison Bones Are Great For Dogs

Top 4 Reasons Why Raw Bison Bones Are Great For Dogs

Raw bones from large animals like bison, elk or cows are excellent for your dog’s health in a multitude of ways. As long as you give your dog proper supervision while they’re chewing bones, they’re one of the healthiest treats you can give your pet.

Dogs are happiest when they’re able to fulfill their natural instinctive behaviors. Giving them raw bones to chew is one of the easiest ways you can help them do this. Your pet will be thrilled when you give them this amazing treat, and you can feel great about providing them with something that’s not only delicious but also really beneficial for their health.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Raw Bison Bones Are Great For Dogs - Beck & Bulow

We offer two different ways to purchase bones - whether they’re for you, your pet, or both. Our bags of broth bones contain a specially selected mixture of bones for their marrow, collagen content, and cartilage. Your dog will love these and they come in large enough pieces that there will be plenty of great chunks for chewing.

Our bison marrow bones are very large and probably best suited to big dogs. They contain tons of nutrients as they are chock full of marrow inside. I highly recommend buying a bag of marrow bones for yourself as well. Humans benefit from the nutrients just as much as dogs do. Simply roast them in the oven and enjoy the rich, buttery marrow on bread or crackers.

1. They Help To Maintain Healthy Teeth

Chewing raw bones is nature’s way of giving your furry friend’s teeth a good cleaning. This is especially important if you don’t regularly brush your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush, and let’s be honest - the majority of pet owners rarely do this. Raw bones are great for canine teeth and help remove tartar and plaque buildup, which can become especially problematic as dogs age. Chewing helps to stimulate the production of particular enzymes in their saliva that break down harmful buildup on teeth.

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Top 4 Reasons Why Raw Bison Bones Are Great For Dogs - Beck & Bulow

2. An Activity To Keep Your Pup Busy

It’s important to give dogs activities that are healthy and adequately stimulating in order to avoid destructive and nervous behaviors. Some dogs will tear up your stuff, chew your shoes, and generally wreak havoc on your belongings if you don’t keep them properly entertained. Others will develop nervous ticks like excessive self-licking, scratching, whining or barking. Chewing a bone is a great way to divert your dog’s attention to something that’s healthy and natural for them to do, engaging their natural instincts and encouraging healthy behaviors.

3. They’re Great For Digestive Health

Lots of chewable treats for dogs that you can buy at the petstore are actually terrible for their digestive health. Rawhides and other chewable items can seriously upset a dog’s stomach - it’s actually pretty common for dogs to throw up after chewing rawhides because they’re so hard to digest. Raw bones, on the other hand, are extremely beneficial for the entire digestive tract. They have a cleansing effect on the digestive system and contain helpful nutrients for maintaining a regular potty schedule and healthy tummy.

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4. Great Source Of Vitamins & Minerals

Raw bones are full of nutrients that help dogs to grow and stay healthy. With supervision, you can start giving raw bones to your dog as a puppy and they will enjoy the benefits throughout every stage of their life. Chewing raw bones helps dogs to consume the minerals they need for a healthy skeletal system, and they actually contain a form of calcium that is much more bioavailable than any supplemental form that might be added to dog food. Calcium intake is particularly important for large breed dogs who can be prone to issues with the skeletal system like hip dysplasia.

Top 4 Reasons Why Raw Bison Bones Are Great For Dogs - Beck & Bulow

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