Wild Boar Ground 1lb


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100% Southwestern Wild Boar

Physical Description: Each pack comes filled with approximately 1 lb of ground wild boar meat.

Nutritional Information: Wild boar has a high protein content with ample amounts of monounsaturated fats and zinc. It’s also high in iron, sodium, niacin, selenium, thiamine, vitamin B6 and zinc. Compared to pork, wild boar is much lower in fat and cholesterol.

Cooking:Their natural diet includes nuts, fruits, roots, and tubers creating a unique flavor profile.  Wild boar meat has less fat and tends to have darker coloring than pork. It has a sweet and nutty flavor you’ll love. Due to being naturally leaner, we recommend preparing wild boar at lower temperatures. If overcooked, the lean meat will dry out instead of being succulent and tender. Be sure to thaw before cooking. 

Hunting Practices:All of our wild boar operations are just south of San Antonio, Texas. We source wild boar directly from trappers throughout the Texas hill country. Our wild boar are humanely trapped and transported under the supervision of trained veterinarians to ensure minimal stress. Each animal is USDA veterinary inspected and meets all USDA requirements. Since these boars are truly wild, they are entirely free-range, with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. While most wild boar from the United States is currently exported to Germany, Italy, and France, this delicious meat has growing popularity in America. We are excited to deliver this high quality meat straight to your door.

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