Wild Caught Coho Salmon Smoked 8 oz


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100% Wild Caught Alaskan Coho Salmon Filet.

Physical Description: Approximately 8oz of wild caught smoked Coho Salmon. Lighter and more delicate than other salmon, coho salmon are velvety and smooth, with all the Omega-3s for which wild salmon are touted. Coho salmon are arguably the most versatile of salmon species, pairing well with a variety of recipes.

Our salmon is hot-smoked with a light alder smoke flavor and a good oil content with a dense and buttery texture make for an exquisite treat. Fully Cooked, Ready to Eat.

Original Flavor Ingredients: Salmon, Water, Salt, Garlic Powder.

Cooking: Smoked salmon is a heart-healthy, flavorful favorite whose firm, meaty flesh rewards simple preparations. From thrifty trimmings weaved into scrambled eggs, to versions flavored with herbs, beetroot, whisky and more, there are products to suit most budgets and tastes. We’re big fans of enjoying it in generous slices with a dot of horseradish atop a traditional oatcake, but it’s a great ingredient to cook with too – the deeply savory flavor imparts with stealth, meaning a little goes a very long way.

Nutrition Information: Salmon is one of the best sources of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Rich in high-quality protein, an excellent source of B vitamins, quite high in potassium and loaded with selenium. It also contains the antioxidant Astaxanthin, a compound linked to several powerful health effects.

Fishing Practices:  These fish are 100% wild and natural, no additives what-so-ever. Thriving in pristine and cold waters, Alaska’s wild salmon resource is the greatest in the world. Our fishery returns tens of millions of salmon each year, managed for sustainability by law and careful practices.

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