American Wagyu Beef Medallion Steaks 1 lb


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100%Pasture Raised American Wagyu Beef

Physical Description: The Teres-Major, also known as chuck tender or bistro tender. This amazing cut comes from the shoulder of the animal and is incredibly tender. It’s taken from a muscle in the shoulder that is rarely used, making it 90% as tender as the tenderloin filet. This great 1 lb package comes with 4 – 4 oz medallion steaks.

Cooking: We like to prepare these steaks the same way we would cook filet mignon or a ribeye. For extra flavor, marinate at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Start by quickly searing over high heat on the stove and finish in the oven, using either an all-clad or cast iron frying pan. It’s our favorite way to cook steak, aside from grilling and can accommodate lots of different flavors.

Nutrition Information: Grass fed beef is high in CLA which leads to reduced risk of heart disease. Lower in calories with more nutritional value than factory farmed beef and has six times the amount omega-3 fatty acids. Contains high amounts of all 3 essential electrolytes. This is keto friendly meat that supports balanced blood sugar levels.

Farming Practices: Raised in Northern New Mexico on foliage dense pastures. We feel blessed to bring you the highest quality of beef available through our online meat delivery service. Eagles soar high above the cattle as they roam freely and graze to their hearts desires on thousands of acres of land. Never administered antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones.

Butchering Philosophy: Our beef is butchered by an amazing community of Amish farmers in Colorado. These farmers have known each other their whole lives and put the highest level of care towards each and every animal. Five people work on one animal at a time. Every single piece of high quality meat is cut by hand and trimmed with expert precision. You will notice a difference in the energy and quality when you order this fresh meat for delivery. The land where these animals spend their final days is green as far as the eye can see. Snowy, jagged mountain peaks line the horizon behind fields of lush green grass, and the songs of birds fill the air.  These farmers and their land contribute to us being one of the best places to buy meat online.

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