Tenderloin Filet (8oz)

Tenderloin Filet (8oz)


100% American Bison Tenderloin also known as Filet Mignon. Approx 8oz per steak. Full filet primals are anywhere from 4-8lbs and are available on special order basis. Contact us for availability.

For people who want the Porsche, this is it. Known as the most tender and lean of all steaks, we’ve built a loyal following of people who need these steaks. We usually have a hard time keeping these in stock because our loyal fans buy us out. Even my 8 year daughter loves this steak… it her favorite food. If you try one our filets and cook it properly and don’t like it you “just don’t like bison.”

Cooking instructions: Our filets should be cooked rare or medium rare. This buffalo is of such quality that it can be eaten tartar. First you want to thaw meat, if its still frozen put entire cut still in bag in a bowl of room temperature water and thaw how you frozen shrimp. When buffalo is thawed salt with high quality sea salt, himalayan rock salt or kosher salt. If we are rushed for time I will salt for 5 minutes if I have the thought and time I will salt and let sit for hours or days. After meat is salted and pan/grill is on high heat put steak on hot surface and cook for 3 mins to 3.5 mins per side. Yes you heard me right this isn’t feed lot beef this is pasture raised buffalo. Much less fat than beef so you should not over cook. It should be red to pink inside. After removing steak from grill/pan let meat “rest” for 5 minutes, then eat. Wether using a grill or a pan turn heat to high (400 degrees plus)

All Natural. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. Humanely Raised. Pasture Raised.

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