Short Rib Strips (3lbs)

Short Rib Strips (3lbs)


100% Bison Short Ribs (Approx. 3lbs)

We are hooked on the short ribs. They are meaty and tender. These can be eaten Flintstone style with the bone still attached. The meat can also be removed from the bone and used on nachos, enchiladas, tacos, bbq sandwiches, on mac and cheese, and pretty much with anything. We have cooked these with just water and salt. Bulow likes to grill them first and then slow cook them in the crockpot covered in home made bbq sauce. We have restaurants serving these braised in so many different styles from a beer-stout marinade to alongside Korean kim-chi.

For $13/lb and less per pound than our ground bison this is a steal.

Pasture Raised. All Natural. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. Humanely Raised.

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