Rib-Eye (12oz)

Rib-Eye (12oz)


100% American Bison Ribeye. Approx. 12oz.

If the filet is the Queen, then the ribeye is the King. If you want the king of flavor this is it, look no further. This steak has outrageous flavor due the the extra fat. This is one of our best selling premium steaks.

Cooking Instructions: This ribeye (and all of our cuts) are sealed in cyrovaced bags. This means you can thaw in a bowl of water the same way you would a frozen piece of fish. After meat is thawed, salt with a high quality sea salt, himalayan rock salt or kosher salt. If you have time, you can let sit salted for a few hours, but 5 mins will suffice if you’re in a pinch. Turn your oven/grill to high heat. After it is adequately hot and pan is oil with high heat oil (sunflower etc…) put your steak directly onto the grill/pan. Set your timer and cook for 3.5 mins (approx) each side. This will give you a beautiful medium rare steak. You never want to overcook buffalo, if you’re used to cooking beef you want to cook your bison steaks with less time. Let rest for 5 mins and enjoy.

John-Paul recommends eating the ribeye with a non-serrated sharp knife that can easily slice through the meat.

All Natural. No Antibiotics. No Hormones. Humanely Raised. Pasture Raised.

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