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Carnivore Culture: Why Americans Eat Certain Meats

Carnivore Culture: Why Americans Eat Certain Meats

We all know the stereotype of the red blooded American male who eats plenty of steaks, burgers and barbecue. In the United States, there’s definitely a correlation between perceived masculinity and the amount of meat that a man consumes as a regular part of his diet. Maybe you think of the guy who insists on a steakhouse for dinner and laughs at the concept of eating something vegetarian. We totally agree with the importance of eating meat, and understand where this connotation comes from.

However we believe that it makes everyone stronger and more primal in nature, enhancing both femininity and masculinity in powerful ways. In certain jungle cultures, men avoid eating deer meat for fear that it will make them timid. It seems certain that eating meat brings up some powerful beliefs and feelings, whatever form those may take for different people living in different geographic locations.

Carnivore Culture: Why Americans Eat Certain Meats - Beck & Bulow

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While we’re talking about meat and stereotypes, there’s also the concept of why certain cultures find it acceptable to eat certain animals, but out of the question to include particular species on the menu. We’re comfortable with eating what’s familiar to us, and when we find ourselves in other countries it can be shocking to burst that bubble of comfort.

It begs the question of why particular geographic groups of humans decide it’s more acceptable to eat some types of animals rather than others. For carefully sourced selections from the best online meat delivery service, browse the products page of our website.

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For instance, some cultures find it acceptable to eat dogs as meat while others find this idea horrifying because they envision someone serving up one of their beloved pets. Some countries find it unremarkable to eat insects, while foreigners gag at the very thought. The concept of dog meat is particularly divisive between Eastern and Western cultures. Korea, China and other Asian countries are known by some activists for the consumption of dog meat.

Carnivore Culture: Why Americans Eat Certain Meats - Beck & Bulow

It seems that this practice is not so common in many areas of these countries, and most Asians consider dogs to be pets rather than meat. However, there are elderly members of society in particular who share knowledge about the amazing revitalizing benefits they get from eating this meat. We’re partial to the strengthening qualities of the meats we offer. Check out our premium selections of bison, elk, wild boar, chicken, grass-fed beef and
lamb meat.

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It makes you wonder why the idea of eating some animals upsets us, but others are fine. It’s simple cultural conditioning and what we’re used to eating and seeing presented as food versus animals we think of as pets. Although none of us at Beck & Bulow think we could stomach eating dog meat, we recognize that we are culturally conditioned to feel this way.

For us, this concept just highlights the importance of honoring where your food comes from. When we respect the animals that we are receiving nourishment from, there is a return to old ways of being that make sense of being a carnivore. For quality meat that’s wild, free range and pasture raised, look no further than Beck & Bulow.

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In this same way, it brings into question why we find it acceptable to eat certain parts of an animal but not others. It’s pretty common in Western culture to have an aversion to eating organ meat or parts of the animal that are clearly still recognizable as body parts. We want to remove ourselves from feeling as if we are eating an animal that was once living and breathing. When you order from Beck & Bulow, there’s never any question about where your meat comes from and how it was raised. We’re proud to offer the best online meat delivery available.

Carnivore Culture: Why Americans Eat Certain Meats - Beck & Bulow

This notion comes from a disconnect that is largely a result of the factory farming industry. When we buy meat at the store and have no idea where it comes from - and perhaps don’t want to know - it removes us from really connecting with and acknowledging the origin of our food. When you
buy meat online from Beck & Bulow, you know that it’s sourced with care every step of the way.

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When meat is sourced from humanely raised animals that live in harmony with nature, it’s possible to feel really good about connecting with the animals that we eat. The more we return to old ways of being and the ways we think about meat, the more natural it becomes to embrace the cycles of life and the gifts of nourishment we receive.

When we eat meat that’s good for the earth, good for the animals, and great for us, we step into a new paradigm of consciousness around food. Buy beyond organic meat for delivery and feel good about what you choose to feed your family.

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